Tim Bahr

Tim Bahr
Chief Executive Officer

Tim has been an industry leader and innovator in video marketing for over 25 years. Over his career he has counseled the nation’s leading healthcare organizations, pharmaceutical companies and consumer brands in the use of video as a marketing tool.

Tim formed NextWorks to help organizations engage target audiences with highly interactive and informative visual content across all digital platforms. By combining unique interactive distribution platforms like the Content Capsule TM with innovative production techniques and leading edge analytics, NextWorks is opening new opportunities in content marketing.

Prior to his latest venture Tim built two of the most successful companies in the broadcast public relations/video marketing space. In 2002 he was engaged by PR Newswire, a market leader in text news distribution, to build a video production and distribution subsidiary called MultiVu. Recognizing opportunities created by the expansion of broadband at the time, Tim initiated a strategy to add web distribution of all of MultiVu’s broadcast product offerings. He also created new web-based programming that allowed clients to package and deliver video, photos and text to online audiences. As a result of this first mover strategy, MultiVu quickly became one of the country’s largest producers of corporate sponsored web-based video.

Before creating MultiVu, Tim co-founded the Orbis Broadcast Group where he created the first weekly medical TV news feed with the American Medical Association’s JAMA Report. He established similar programming for The National Institutes of Health, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, The American Academy of Pediatricians and The American Dental Association, as well as the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. He later expanded the company’s television content to the Internet and created one of the first consumer healthcare websites. When Orbis was sold in 2000, it was the nation’s leading producer and distributor of health related video.